Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Let's go on a journey....

I guess I should explain why I am doing this.  I was asked (by my friends on the internet of all places) to rank the SK library of books from my favorites on down.  I tossed this idea around for a while. This could be fun! Why not try this then?  In order to do it true justice, I need to start at the beginning. It has been YEARS since I have read many of these.  So, in honor of my starting this reread of the entire SK library...

(an ode to SK...)

Care to take a journey with me? It may take a while. But that's ok, isn't it?  We'll venture to some far off places, some close to home, some places that you'll love, and others that may leave you feeling frightened.  We can hold each others hand as we peek in every dark corner to see what may be lurking there. You may want to stop at times, but I'll be sure to pull you along. Why, you ask? Because I can promise you, you'll meet many characters that you'll absolutely fall in love with, some that you'll hope to see die, but it will be an experience like you've never had before and you'll not soon forget!  Now, I can't forget the monsters....those that go bump in the night! Who come to scare us when we least expect it.  Picture in your head what might scare you most. Do you have it? I can almost guarantee we'll meet it along the way, but together we'll fight it till the end. So take my hand now, hold on tight, it's going to be a wild ride!

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