Let's address the simple subject of Spoilers here.  I am writing reviews of books as I read them.  Please assume that ANY book review may contain spoilers.  I don't really see how I could review the books without venturing into the actual plots of the books.  

Now (and pay attention here please!), I want everyone who comes here, and possibly makes a comment, to assume that maybe there is one person out there reading along with me.  With that in mind, we all know Stephen is the King (ha ha see what I did there?) of leaving Easter eggs of information and characters through his books.  If we are introduced to a character that some of us may know turns up again in a later book, but we haven't read said book yet- DO NOT MENTION IT!  Let's try to keep this experience pure for those weirdos out there who haven't read all of SK's books before (I know I don't get them either but we should at least be polite).  However, if we find a character that has already been around in a book I have reviewed, well it is fair game to talk about the crossover and let the reader beware.  If it has come up already- we (and I mean me) will talk about it.

Are we on the same page?  Don't make me get snarky on anyone!

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